Install qlik-cli

qlik-cli is available for Mac, Linux and Windows, via package manager or for manual install.

Installing with Brew (Mac/Linux)

To install with brew you need to first tap our qlik-oss/taps if you haven’t already:

brew tap qlik-oss/taps

After the tap has been tapped you can install the tool with:

brew install qlik-cli

Note: This will work for Mac or Linux (where you can use linuxbrew) and Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL).

Installing with Chocolatey (Windows)

Want to install using Chocolatey? Then simply type:

choco install qlik-cli

To upgrade:

choco upgrade qlik-cli

And you’re up to date.

Choco upgrade fail

If you see an error like:

Error retrieving packages from source '':
 The combination of parameters provided to this OData endpoint is no longer supported. Please refer to the following URL for more information about this deprecation:

Then first run:

choco source list

Then remove the one matching

choco source rm

Another way to fix a failing upgrade is to uninstall and reinstall.

choco uninstall qlik-cli
choco install qlik-cli

Installing manually

If you prefer to manually install qlik-cli, releases can be found under releases where you can choose a release suitable for your OS.

Note: The binary file provided for Microsoft Windows OS is not an installer. You need to place this file in your desired location and take any further steps such as adding it to your PATH manually.

Enable completion feature

To make it easier to write commands, consider enabling completion which generates auto completion scripts for bash or zsh.

Third-party dependencies

The tool uses third-party dependencies listed here .

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