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// opening an app and log the layout

const enigma = require('enigma.js');
const schema = require('enigma.js/schemas/12.612.0');
const WebSocket = require('ws');

const appId = '96d275f8-af88-419b-8090-6f84382efcb8';
const url = `wss://your-tenant.qcs.eu.qlikcloud.com/app/${appId}`;

const session = enigma.create({
  createSocket: () => new WebSocket(url, {
    authorization: 'bearer <your-api-key>',
const global = await session.open();
const app = await global.openDoc(appId);
const appLayout = await app.getAppLayout();


// the logged app layout

  "qTitle": "Hello world",
  "qFileName": "96d275f8-af88-419b-8090-6f84382efcb8",
  "qLastReloadTime": "2020-03-31T16:30:29.248Z",
  "qHasScript": true,
  "qStateNames": [],
  "qMeta": {},
  "qLocaleInfo": {
  "qHasData": true,
  "qThumbnail": {},
  "description": "",
  "encrypted": true,
  "id": "96d275f8-af88-419b-8090-6f84382efcb8",
  "_resourcetype": "app",
  "published": false,
  "owner": "SOMEONE\in-your-org",
  "ownerId": "v42QFF876gzcEzVd_4p9M1zzcXvXl2hm",
  "createdDate": "2020-03-31T15:55:45.487Z",
  "modifiedDate": "2020-04-29T15:02:47.738Z",
  "hassectionaccess": false,
  "privileges": [
  "create": [

The enigma.js documentation  has a lot more awesome stuff for you to learn.