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This package provides a JavaScript API for interacting with Qlik Sense REST APIs including the Qlik Associative Engine from a single package that can be used in both Node.js and browser contexts.

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Get Started

For NodeJS applications or in the case of building a web app with a bundler use:

npm install --save @qlik/api

If code will run directly in a browser it is recommended to load the code directly from a CDN.

<script type="module">
  import qlikApi from "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@qlik/api/index.mjs";

Module structure

@qlik/api is a collection of javascript modules which each exposes an api built to make the integration process for javascript solutions as easy as possible. The library is built for both browser and NodeJS usage and will seamlessly integrate with @qlik/embed libraries.

The modules can be imported in a few different ways. Either directly through a sub module

import subModule, { namedExport, type NamedType } from "@qlik/api/sub-module";

Or through the main module. If types from a sub module is needed they can only be imported directly from the sub module itself. They can’t be imported from the main module.

import { subModuleA, subModuleB } from "@qlik/api";
import type { SubModuleAType } from "@qlik/api/sub-module-a";
import type { SubModuleBType } from "@qlik/api/sub-module-b";

@qlik/api also has a default export with each sub module as properties.

import qlikApi from "@qlik/api";


The modules that can be imported from @qlik/api are the rest entities, the qix sub module and an auth module. All described below.


@qlik/api library is generated from open-api specifications released from those Qlik Cloud services that exposes a restful API. The code generation tool runs using the specs building typescript for all api calls specified in the specs. One module per api is generated.

Learn more in the REST section.


One of the most important services available is Qlik’s Analytics Engine Service which is also known as the Qlik Associative Engine. @qlik/api offers a fully typed api for connecting to and consuming Qlik Sense Applications including “Qlik Sense mixins” which previously only was used internally by in-house Qlik developers.

Learn more in the QIX section.


@qlik/api comes with several authentication options to make the integration experience as easy as possible for external users.

Learn more in the authentication section.


@qlik/api comes with some handy features to make the development experience as good as possible.

Learn more in the features section.


Check out the examples section.

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