Overview - No-code

Qlik provides multiple connectors via Qlik Application Automation to support no-code integration and orchestration using APIs on the Qlik Cloud platform.

In addition to the Qlik Cloud connectors described on this page, Qlik Application Automation also connects to many third-party services. Review the Application Automation connectors page for more information.

Qlik Cloud Connectors

Qlik Cloud connector logo
Qlik CloudA Qlik-native connector that lets you integrate events, data, data assets, sets, stores, and objects from your tenant into your automation.

Qlik Platform Operations connector logo
Qlik Platform OperationsA Qlik-native connector that can orchestrate one or many Qlik Cloud tenants using either tenant or subscription OAuth clients.

Qlik Reporting connector logo
Qlik ReportingA Qlik-native connector that lets you build customized, multi-page reports based on app sheets.

Qlik Catalog connector logo
Qlik CatalogA Qlik-native connector that uses the metadata stored in Qlik Catalog (on-premises) and enables the creation of automated workflows.

Qlik AutoML legacy connector logo
Qlik AutoML LegacyA legacy Qlik-native connector that lets you integrate predictive analytics and machine learning for Qlik Cloud.

Learn more

Visit Qlik Application Automation to learn more about how it can help you automate analytics and data workflows without code.

If you're looking to orchestrate your platform deployments, take a look at the Platform Operations tutorial series to discover how to get started.

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