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Ratelimit handling - Qlik Platform Operations connector

The Platform Operations connector is a connector for Qlik Application Automation that makes deploying and managing tenants in Qlik Cloud possible without code.

Change to ratelimit handling

When making API calls against Qlik's APIs, you are subject to ratelimits as described on our ratelimits page.

Previously, hitting a ratelimit during an automation would cause a failure of the automation, but new handling has been added that has changed the behaviour to respect the retry-after header returned when the ratelimit is hit.

This addition means you can remove any custom ratelimit handling implemented within your automations. It should now result in automations, which were failing previously, running until completion.

This change applies to all blocks on the Platform Operations connector.

Block updates

The following blocks have been updated in the connector:

  • Update auto create group settings - this has been updated to ensure that the value of both autoCreateGroups and syncIdpGroups are toggled on each call. This is to ensure parity with the behavior in the management console. If you wish to change these independently in future, use the Raw API call block.

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