Limitations with qlik-embed


Qlik is on a mission to make embedding easy with qlik-embed, while modernizing solutions to remove friction with increasing browser privacy controls, and adding powerful new embedded experiences from the Qlik Cloud platform.

The goal is to bring you more power from the platform. On that journey, you should start with qlik-embed as all of Qlik’s embedding capabilities are brought under a single product. Along this journey, there will be things that don’t work, but maximum effort is being made to close the gaps and provide more configuration possibilities.

This article lists currently known limitations in the components that qlik-embed allows you to embed. This page and the changelog will be updated to communicate closed gaps and new features in qlik-embed.

Known limitations in qlik-embed version 1.0.0

UI=object or UI=analytics/chart

The object ui renders visualizations crafted with nebula.js. The list of supported charts shows which charts will render with this ui setting. The classic straight table and pivot table will not render using qlik-embed.

UI=object or UI=analytics/sheet

The sheet ui renders a sheet from a Qlik Analytics (Sense) application when all visualizations on the sheet are nebula.js charts. The list of supported charts shows which charts will render with this ui setting.


The classic/app ui embeds the complete Qlik Sense client in a web page including all menus and features like Notes, Insight Advisor, and sheet editing. Here are the limitations you can expect with embedding the Qlik Sense client.

  • You may experience errors attempting to use Notes.

    a screenshot of the error shown using Notes through classic/app embed with qlik-embed
  • Downloading data exports may not prompt for download location.

    a screenshot of download data from Qlik Sense
  • The chart context menu is not configurable.

    a screenshot of a chart context menu
  • Alerts, subscriptions, and monitored charts UIs accessed from context menu will redirect to the Qlik Cloud hub.

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