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New API - Automation Connections

Qlik Application Automation provides you with the ability to create workflows in a no-code interface. Most Application Automation connectors require a connection to a data source, containing information on where the data source is, connection credentials, and more.

The automation-connections API provides a way of returning the list of connections that the user has access to. This is useful for audits, and also when programmatically deploying, backing up, and restoring automations.

To retrieve a list of connections:

curl "" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer <API-key>"

An example response, returning a single connection for the Qlik Cloud Services connector.

    "links": {
        "prev": {
            "href": null
        "next": {
            "href": null
    "data": [
            "id": "78dc7c00-7af0-11ed-bb39-bd3b23861504",
            "name": "Qlik Cloud Services",
            "isConnected": true,
            "connectorId": "61a87510-c7a3-11ea-95da-0fb0c241e75c",
            "createdAt": "2022-12-13T14:14:35.000000Z",
            "updatedAt": "2022-12-13T14:14:35.000000Z",
            "ownerId": "637390ec6541614d3a88d6c1"

Note that some connections returned via this API will not be visible in the user interface. In this example, the Qlik Cloud Services connector automatically generates and manages its connection on behalf of any user who uses the connector. This means that the API will return the connection, but users will not be able to manage it. Review the documentation for each connector for connection details.

Review the Automation Connections API specification for more information about this API.