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The Licenses API adds support for filtering on assignment orphans

The query parameter orphans has been added to the Licenses API to help identify licenses assigned to users who do not exist in the tenant upon which the call is made.

Assignment of licenses is keyed on the user subject, which is a unique string provided by the Identity Provider. These assignments are handled separately to users in the tenant, since a single entitlement can support more than one Qlik Cloud tenant, or Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-managed site. This means that calls to the users API on a tenant will return only users on that tenant, while a call to licenses/assignments returns all global assignments to that entitlement.

In use cases where you have only 1 tenant, and want to track down and remove assignments not linked to users, you can leverage the below API call, or automation snippet to return a list of these assignments.

To call via code:

curl --get --location 'https://<TENANT>.<REGION>' ^
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>'

To call via an automation, and output a table of assignments, review the find orphaned assignments example.

Review the license assignments endpoint specification for further information.