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Platform SDKs Update - May 2023

v0.22.0: Sense Client Objects & Mixins

  • feat: Sense Client Object Defaults support in the SDK

    Added support for Sense Client Objects, users can now easily do operations like:

// fetch the list sheets
const sheetList = await app.getSheets();
// get individual sheet and do operation on it
const sheet =  await app.getSheet(sheetList[0].id);
await sheet.publish()

and more:

// fetch the list fields
const fieldList = await app.getFields();
// fetch fthe list of fields (including system fields)
const fieldList = await app.getFields({ qFieldListDef: { qShowSystem: true } });
// listen to current selections
const currentSelectionsObj = await app.getCurrentSelectionsObject();
await currentSelectionsObj.getLayout();
currentSelectionsObj.on('changed', () => {
  // selections have been toggled
// create masterObjects & publish
const createdMasterObject = await app.createMasterobject({ qMetaDef: { title, description } });
// configure app properties
await app.setAppProperties({sheetTitleBgColor: '#ffcf03', sheetTitleColor: '#ffcf03'});
// list bookmarks easily etc...
const bookmarkList = await app.getBookmarks();

  • feat: enigma mixins are now enabled by default non raw rpc calls
// ex: to disable the bandwidth-reducing delta protocol you now need to set it to false
await { delta: false} );

v0.21.1: Maintenance Release

  • fix: Exclude nebula example from dep specs

    Excluding nebula example as it uses production non-approved dependencie parcel and nebula/stardust

v0.21.0: New Features and Bugfixes

  • fix: Handle property number name

    Added leading underscore to property names starting with number This fixes the problem with groups blocking updating of specs

  • fix: Throw engine message error Added a response error interceptor to throw a descriptive error message received from engine

  • fix: Replaced Buffer to btoa in browser build

  • chore: Refactor env_vars

  • chore: Use apiResponseInterceptor and add nebula integration test

    added empty once function next to the on-listener function - this should be a proper once function set properties in the open function: id, handle, type, genericType use apiResponseInterceptor - to set properties on result throw error from apiResponseInterceptor similar to enigma, should this throw an enigma error? wrap constructor for loop in if-isArray because of a non array response - needs investigation add browser integration test for nebula app using cypress

  • chore: Added once event listener Once event listeners are called only once on event and removed from listeners

hypercube.once('changed', () => {...});
  • chore: Allow event listeners to be async

    Async functions can be added as event listeners

hypercube.on('changed', async () => {...});
  • chore: Keep reserved keywords as class members (delete)

Language reserved words are modified only while using as formal parameters and kept as it is in class members which allows parsing request body with reserved words as keys to class object without loosing any fields from request body