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Tools and SDKs Update

Here are the latest maintenance releases for the tools and SDKs. Those releases includes a number of bug fixes and security patches.

Python SDK v0.12.0

  • fix: add event listener to the RPC session
from qlik_sdk import Auth, AuthType, Config

# custom function that should be called
def opened_listener():
    print("sesssion opened")

# register function for event "opened"
rpc_session.on("opened", opened_listener)

with as rpc_client:
...     # opened_listener function is called when "opened" event is received in session
  • fix: readonly and allOf fields are now handled

  • fix: render param string enums for typings

  • fix: set type for the session property

  • fix: various improvements in the generated code-structure

Typescript SDK v0.17.0

  • feat: adding themes resource
const themes = new Themes({...});

const zipStream = fs.readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, 'assets/'));

// upload theme
const theme = await themes.create({ name: `red-theme-test-sdk-ts-${}` }, zipStream);
  • fix: readonly and allOf fields are now handled
  • fix: improved typings for nested object types
  • fix: bumping all dependencies security patch releases

qlik-cli v2.18.0

  • feat: new resource added oauth-token
qlik oauth-token ls          # List OAuth tokens
qlik oauth-token rm <token>  # Revoke an OAuth token by ID
  • fix: properly handle deprecated operations and commands