Supported libraries and tools

Platform supported libraries and tools, supported versions listed below.

ComponentFeatureLinksDistribution channelSupported Version
enigma.jsCommunication with the Qlik Associative Engine using JavaScript.GitHubnpm2.7.3
enigma-goCommunication with the Qlik Associative Engine using Go.GitHubGitHub2.0.1
nebula.js - stardustnebula.js is a collection of JavaScript libraries, charts and CLIs that helps developers build and integrate visualizations on top of Qlik Associative Engine.GitHubnpm1.7.0
picasso.jsCharting library that's designed for building custom, interactive, component-based powerful visualizations.GitHubnpm1.2.1
qlik-cliqlik-cli, known on the command line simply as qlik, is a CLI generated directly from API specifications.qlik-cliHomebrew and binary2.3.1