Custom themes

Qlik Sense comes with four default themes (Sense Classic, Sense Focus, Sense Breeze, and Qlik Horizon) and in addition to these you can create custom themes based on your company standards.

With custom themes you can precisely style an app by changing the colors, adding images and backgrounds as well as specifying the font sizes and font colors on a global or granular basis throughout your app. You can also define color palettes to be used and customize the specifications for margins, padding, and spacing.

A custom theme is a collection of files stored in a folder. It must contain a definition (QEXT) file, a main JSON file, and optionally any other assets you might need to support the custom theme, such as CSS files, custom font files and images.

The custom styles are defined in the following way:

  • In the JSON file you define the style for the individual visualization types, for example bar charts and line charts.

When you have created a custom theme, zip the JSON file with any additional resources and upload it to Qlik Cloud as an extension.

About custom themes

You do not need previous experience developing custom themes, but you should have at least a basic understanding of the following languages:

  • JSON / JavaScript

Code editors

You need a code editor for creating your custom themes. You can use almost any basic code editor, such as Notepad++, SublimeText, or Aptana.

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