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Improvements to Collections API

The PATCH method has been added to the Collections API, giving you the ability to update more collection metadata, with greater flexibility.

The Collections API is the engine behind public and private collections, but also tags assigned to content in the Items API.

With the PATCH method, you no longer need to send a full PUT payload when updating collections, simplifying the calls, and reducing access control complexity.

To make a private collection public (assuming you have the appropriate access rights, and at least one item in the collection), you must change the type of the collection from private to publicgoverned:

curl "{collectionId}" ^
 -H "Authorization: Bearer <API-key>" ^
 -H "Content-type: application/json" ^
 -d '[{"op":"replace","path":"/type","value":"publicgoverned"}]'

Example response:

    "name": "My Public Collection",
    "description": "A logical grouping of content for a business unit or team, which still respects space permissions.",
    "type": "publicgoverned",
    "id": "{collectionId}",

To unpublish the collection, change the type back to private.

The PATCH operation can also be used on the name and description of the collection.

Review the Collections API specification for further information.