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nebula.js updates

Nebula Documentation

Nebula CLI is the main entry point to start making a nebula visualization, enabling a local development server, and building extensions and mashups.

The Nebula CLI now has updated and detailed documentation updates specifically on the following

Nebula serve

Allows to run a nebula visualization with a local web development server.

nebula serve

For more details read here

Nebula build

Used to build a nebula visualization bundle.

nebula build

Read more here

Nebula sense

Used to generate Qlik Sense specific files to use a nebula visualization as an extension.

nebula sense

Learn more about this here

Nebula Charts

While nebula.js provides capabilities & APIs to build mashups and custom visualizations, it’s primary purpose is often to display Qlik developed charts. These charts are available through npm under the @nebula.js scope. Learn more about it [here].

Core packages

The new core build allows to significantly reduce the size of bundle, thus bringing down the overhead of downloading large amount of codes to be run. Refer to an example here

Nebula API

nebula.js API has the following new updates:

new useEmbed hook

The useEmbed hook allows access to the Nebula instance inside a chart, for adding charts into charts. Read the API specs.

new useKeyboard hook

The useKeyboard hook enables mashups to do sense-client style keyboard navigation across chart objects. Read the API specs.

new option for Field-listbox

You can now alter property definition for Field-listbox.