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SaaS API Updates 17-sept-2021

Evaluations API

The Evaluations API now includes a new endpoint /evaluations/{id}/download that allows you to download a detailed XML log for your evaluation. Learn more about this here

Items API

When fetching items using the Items API, you now have the ability to filter by three new subtype resources - automation, dataset, and dataasset. Additionally, if you want to speed up response time, you can now omit the actions array from the response by setting the noActionParam to true. This ensures that the actions for each item is not evaluated.

New Natural Language API

The new Natural language API (/questions/actions/ask) enables you to ask questions and context aware partial questions against applications enabled for conversational analytics or a specific app to receive Insight Advisor generated responses and suggestions. Learn more about creating customized conversational analytics interfaces


Users API

In the User definition created, lastUpdated and roles fields have been deprecated.

JSON engine RPC

A new experimental method Doc.SearchValues has been added to the Qlik Associative Engine. For more details read here