Rate limiting

API rate-limiting is a feature that primarily acts as a way to reduce specific clients from generating too much traffic in the system. To ensure stability of the platform and a good user experience for everyone using it, there may be times where you encounter this feature. Usually it means that your solution is making too many requests in a certain amount of time, and that you should try and reduce the traffic you generate.

If you get an error similar to the one below, you've hit the rate limit and should consult the retry-after header value for when you can make requests again.

< HTTP/1.1 429
< content-type: application/json
< content-length: 123
< retry-after: 13

  "errors": [{
    "code": "HTTP-429",
    "title": "API rate limit reached.",
    "detail": "You need to wait 13 seconds until limit is lifted."


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