Get started with Qlik Sense SaaS

Setting up Qlik Sense SaaS tenant

First you need to create a Qlik Sense SaaS account. Get a 30 days of trial license by filling the form here.

Soon you may receive your on-boarding email.

Follow the steps to setup your first QSB tenant. This is your Qlik instance, a server on cloud, with your own URL. You should obtain your URL and the end of the process, for example:

The URL brings you to the Qlik Sense hub. Here, you may upload an app, or start developing one yourself.

Uploading an App

In this tutorial, an sample app from Qlik open source Github repo is imported, click this to download.

After successful uploading, you should see the app in your content.

Access management console

Click on top right avatar -> “Administration”, this opens your management console.

This is your all new management console, neat, and smart looking. Where you can manage roles, space, and events.


This is how you Should setup your first Qlik Sense SaaS tenant. Below are some tips that may help you save a lot of time.

  • Use Google Chrome if possible.
  • The on-boarding email usually comes in within a minute. If you don’t receive it in 30 minutes, don’t wait, register again or try another email address.
  • Your Qlik portal doesn’t link to your Qlik Sense SaaS tenant. Once it's successfully registered, you may access Qlik Sense SaaS via your tenant URL directly.
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