Create an OAuth Client


This tutorial will walk you through creating a new OAuth client through management console.

Log into your tenant and navigate to the management console. Open the OAuth tab under Integration.

a screenshot of the management console in Qlik Sense

Click Create new and enter a name and description for the OAuth client. Enter the allowed redirect URIs for the OAuth client application. Qlik Sense SaaS will redirect the user back to the application after a successful authorization only if its URI is in the allowed list of redirect URIs. As an example, in the Java Spring OAuth tutorial https://you.project.domain/login/oauth2/code/qlik is used as the redirect URI for the application. Click Create once done.

a screenshot of creating OAuth client in the management console

You'll be presented the Client ID and Client secret on creation. Copy both of these and put them aside as you'll need them later.

⚠️ Note: The Client secret is a security-sensitive value and should be protected in a production environment.

a screenshot of the generated Client ID and Client secret


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