automation copy

qlik automation copy

Copy an automation.


Copy an automation.

qlik automation copy <automationId> [flags]


  -f, --file string    Reads request from a file
  -h, --help           help for copy
      --interval int   Duration in seconds to wait between retries, at least 1 (default 1)
      --name string    Name of the new automation.
  -q, --quiet          Return only ids from the command
      --raw            Return original response from server without any processing
      --retry int      Number of retries to do before failing, max 10

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string            path/to/config.yml where parameters can be set instead of on the command line
      --context string           Name of the context used when connecting to Qlik Associative Engine
      --headers stringToString   Http headers to use when connecting to Qlik Associative Engine (default [])
      --insecure                 Enabling insecure will make it possible to connect using self signed certificates
      --json                     Returns output in JSON format if possible, disables verbose and traffic output
  -s, --server string            URL to Qlik Cloud or directly to a Qlik Associative Engine
      --server-type string       The type of server you are using: cloud, windows (Enterprise on Windows) or engine
  -v, --verbose                  Log extra information


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