Nebula create

Create a new nebula visualization


nebula create <name>


Create a nebula visualization project and do not install any dependencies yet

nebula create sn-table --install false

Create a nebula visualization project called sn-table with the npm package manager instead of yarn

nebula create sn-table --pkgm npm

Create a nebula visualization project without a picasso.js template

nebula create sn-table --picasso none


--versionShow version number
--installRun package installation steptrue
--pkgm string ("npm"|"yarn")Set package manager"yarn"
--picasso string ("none"|"minimal"|"barchart")Set picasso template
--author stringSet package author
-h, --helpShow help for command


Running nebula create without --picasso prompts a selection of the available options.

  • none: without the picasso.js template
  • minimal: a basic setup of picasso.js is ready
  • barchart: a bar chart component created by picasso.js is ready

A tutorial for building basic nebula visualization is available here.

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