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The Encryption API is changing to support only multi-region keys for Customer Managed Keys (CMK)

Qlik offers customers the ability to encrypt their tenants with their own key. The Encryption API provides you with the ability to deploy, manage, and cycle encryption keys on one or more Qlik Cloud tenants via supported providers.

In the initial release of the Encryption API, the API supported both single and multi-region Key Management Service (KMS) keys.

Multi-region keys support Disaster Recovery Processes. Tenants configured with a single-region key will not operate if Qlik Cloud is cut over to a DR region, therefore Qlik is removing support for single-region keys for new CMK providers. If you are currently using a single-region key, Qlik recommends that you create a multi-region key to seamlessly use your tenant in a back-up region in case of an outage in your primary region.

In no sooner than 30 days from the date of this post, new CMK provider configurations will require a multi-region key. Existing single-region CMK configurations will not be impacted.