Learn about new developer features and improvements.

qlik-cli 2.0.0 adds new commands and squashes bugs

New commands

The license command in qlik-cli enables you to set license assignments for users in addition to providing metrics related to your tenant’s overall license footprint.

The evaluation command enables you to trigger Qlik Sense app evaluations through cli, retrieve the results, and perform additional commands based on the feedback. A handy command for automating devops of Qlik Sense apps.

New features

Flags that are deprecated in qlik-cli now show a warning message when used.

qlik api-key ls --sub="test"
"Flag --sub has been deprecated, please don't use it!"

A security enhancement has been made to remove session Ids from log messages

You can now add names to external specifications you sideload into qlik-cli. Here’s an example: qlik spec add ./my-spec.json --name foo

Breaking change

The response on the app command has changed. Now it returns only information from the Apps API.

#qlik app create command
app=$(qlik app create --attributes-name "example")
echo $app
#returns new response

  "attributes": {
    "_resourcetype": "app",
    "createdDate": "2021-02-15T07:01:43.930Z",
    "custom": {},
    "description": "",
    "dynamicColor": "",
    "encrypted": true,
    "hasSectionAccess": false,
    "id": "8be82d0f-02d2-4f0e-974c-08dc444384a7",
    "lastReloadTime": "",
    "modifiedDate": "2021-02-15T07:01:46.575Z",
    "name": "testttt2",
    "originAppId": "",
    "owner": "auth0|b96eb87010c7ad52667b2dc8b1ec0b12f97c43ae7848740874267b62aa45c856",
    "ownerId": "ffnbiWZyssMZ5ofRfLc1JzFdZrPvACFl",
    "publishTime": "",
    "published": false,
    "thumbnail": ""
  "create": [...],
  "privileges": [...]

Instead of returning information from the items API.

#Breaking change

app=$(qlik app create --attributes-name "example")
echo $app
#returns old response

  "actions": [...],
  "collectionIds": [],
  "createdAt": "2021-02-15T08:15:57Z",
  "creatorId": "ffnbiWZyssMZ5ofRfLc1JzFdZrPvACFl",
  "id": "602a2dbd31d6bf3d1f471c31",
  "isFavorited": false,
  "meta": {...},
  "name": "testttt3",
  "ownerId": "ffnbiWZyssMZ5ofRfLc1JzFdZrPvACFl",
  "resourceAttributes": {...},
  "resourceCreatedAt": "2021-02-15T08:15:57Z",
  "resourceCustomAttributes": null,
  "resourceId": "22205ac6-406c-4484-b715-1da12219b044",
  "resourceReloadEndTime": "",
  "resourceReloadStatus": "",
  "resourceSize": {... },
  "resourceSubType": "",
  "resourceType": "app",
  "resourceUpdatedAt": "2021-02-15T08:15:57Z",
  "tenantId": "xrpC13FnjenBc-mhBG98ah2qNlfmwj8X",
  "thumbnailId": "",
  "updatedAt": "2021-02-15T08:15:57Z",
  "updaterId": "ffnbiWZyssMZ5ofRfLc1JzFdZrPvACFl"

From now on, to obtain the unique id referencing the app in the items API, you need to issue a qlik item ls command after running qlik app create.

qlik item ls --resourceId $app --resourceType app
#returns item information formerly seen in the old response

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with qlik app ls returning non-app resources.
  • Fixed qlik qrs task start by-id which failed with no such operation message.
  • Resolved runtime errors using qlik-cli on Windows computers.