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The Audits API is changing the event for app reload ended

Update: This changelog was updated to add information on the other services impacted by this change, and how to move to the new event on 2023-11-23. The event change was deployed on 2023-11-14.

Qlik Cloud leverages an event driven architecture to communicate between the services in the platform. To support customer use cases, Qlik surfaces some of these events. These events may be made accessible in several ways, via:

The event emitted when an analytics reload completes,, will be replaced by no sooner than 30 days from this notice. The events presented in the webhooks service, and on the Qlik Cloud Services connector will also be updated to reflect the new format.

Note: The event is experimental and unpublished. In general, Qlik does not post deprecation notices for experimental and/or unpublished events. An exception has been made in this circumstance because of the external usage of this event. Qlik reserves the right to deprecate without notice experimental and/or unpublished events.

The key differences for are:

  • Layout and field name changes, such as:
    • The location of the app ID has changed from data>id to extensions>topLevelResourceId.
    • The location of the space ID has changed from data>spaceId to extensions>spaceId.
  • The statements section will not return data, since more complex reloads can make the payload of the event too large. You can still access this information using the app reload metadata API endpoint, if required.
  • The event is published, and stable

Review the Audits API specification, and the app reload finished event specification for further information.