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Platform SDKs Update - August 2023

Typescript v0.24.0: New API Intakes and Maintainance

feat: Intake Brands API

The [brands] API supports the creation and management of brands in the tenant. This allows you to provide a custom logo and favicon to help you enhance the user experience for your users. Below is an example of how you can use the API.

Important: Use of the brands API is permitted for OEM use cases only.

const qlik = new Qlik({...});
// upload a new logo
const logo = fs.readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, 'assets/logo.png'));
const brand = await qlik.brands.create(logo, 'my_awesome_logo');
// activate/deactivate and delete
await qlik.brands.activate(;
await qlik.brands.deactivate(;
await qlik.brands.delete(;

See full API reference here

feat: Intake Tenants API

const { tenants, users } = new Qlik({...});
// checks tenant/me
const { id } = await tenants.getMe();
const { tenantId } = await users.getMe();

// get a tenant & update settings
let tenant = await tenants.get(id);
const orgEnableAnalyticCreationSettings = tenant.enableAnalyticCreation;
await tenant.patch([{ op: 'replace', path: '/enableAnalyticCreation', value: !orgEnableAnalyticCreationSettings }]);

See full API reference here


  • ⚠️ Breaking - fix: method name fixes in various APIs
// example method name changes:
app.recommendInsightAnalyses(...); // was previously app.recommend(...)
automation.retryRun(...); // was previously automation.retry(...)
// & some plural/singular fixes
collections.getFavorites(); // was previously collections.getFavorite()
webhook.getDelivery(...); // was previously webhook.getDeliverie(...)

Other Fixes

  • fix: render inline response object
  • fix: random nbr in group test by
  • fix: bump spectacular.ts to latest

To get started with the Qlik Typescript SDK, clik here

Python v0.16.0: New API Intakes and Fixes

feat: Intake for Brands API

brands = Brands(config=config)
# create upload logo to your tenant
file_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
logo_path = os.path.join(file_dir, "logo.png")
with open(logo_path, "rb") as logo_file:
    brand = brands.create(logo=logo_file, name="my_awesome_logo")
# get / activate / deactivate

See full API reference here

feat: Tenants API

tenants = Tenants(config=config)
# fetch information about your tenant
my_tenant = tenants.get_me()

# change settings
tenant_analytic_creation_setting = my_tenant.enableAnalyticCreation
            "op": "replace",
            "path": "/enableAnalyticCreation",
            "value": True,

See full API reference here

feat: Intake for Notes API

notes = Notes(config=config)
# fetch notes settings
notes_settings = notes.get_settings()
# set settings programatically
notes.set_settings(data={"toggledOn": True, "snapshotRelations": True})

fix: [breaking change] variouse plurals/singular method names fixes

# webhooks.get_deliverie(..) changed to:
# collections.get_favorite(..) is now:
# and more

See full API reference here

To get started with the Qlik Python SDK, clik here