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Qlik-Cli Update - August 2023

Qlik-Cli v2.22.0

feat: Intake of the brands API

This API allows you to manage the branding of a tenant. For example, you can customize logos and favicons with your brand. You can activate this by using the command:

qlik brand create --name=<name> --file-logo=<logo.png> --file-favIcon=<icon.ico>
qlik brand activate <brand-id>

feat: Intake of group-create

The group-create command is a command used for creating groups. It can be used for managing access control for multiple users at the same time. For example, you can create a group called developers with the “Developer” role assigned.

qlik group create --name=developers --assignedRoles='[{"name":"Developer"}]'

You can get a complete list of roles using the command qlik role ls. --assignedRoles accepts either an ID or the name of a role.

feat: Tenant-edit command

The tenant-edit command now allows you to update your tenant-configuration in a command-line-editor of your choice.

  • docs: Edit-commands are no longer experimental
  • docs: The identity-provider commands are no longer experimental
  • fix: Bug when providing required body parameters from a file using the --file flag.