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Qlik-Cli Update - June 2023

Qlik-Cli v2.21.0

  • feat: Intake for note settings
qlik note settings update --toggledOn=true
  • feat: Intake of the transports API
qlik transport email-config ls # list email configuration settings
qlik transport email-config validate # validate the config
  • feat: Tenants API - updates
qlik tenant me # get current tenant information
qlik tenant patch <tenantId> 
  • fix: make tcs default in data-file create and update by making resumable flag default true
# to set resumable to false
qlik data-file create  --name <fileName> --file <filePath>  --resumable=false
  • docs: Explain quotes in body for Windows

  • fix: remove deprecated app-evaluator endpoint

  • fix: consistency in the data-file command now update use TCS like data-file create

  • fix: checks if context already exists in init command

  • fix: handle request bodies with a body property