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Platform SDKs Update-February 2023

Typescript SDK (v0.19.1)

New APIs (Questions, Audits, App Scripts)

  // Ask question regarding the reloaded data
  const question = 'What is the count of Prime?';
  const answer = await qlik.questions.ask({ text: question, app: { id: } });
  // Get the list of event sources
  const sources = await qlik.audits.getSources();
  • feat added support for listing app script versions
  // saves a script with version called `v1`
  const script = 'Load RecNo() as N autogenerate(100);';
  await app.createScript({
    versionMessage: 'v1',
  // retrieves all versions of the app script
  const { scripts } = await app.getScriptVersions();


  • feat: Added support for registering an event listener for object changed and closed events.

    If an object handle is invalidated for instance when the data model has changed, then the handle will be part of a change array in the response for the method that caused the change.

    It is now possible to register a listener for an object, where onChanged is a custom defined function.

    hypercube.on('changed', onChanged);

    Handles can also be closed in a session if they are no longer valid. This can happen if for instance you have a handle for a field and the data model is changed/reloaded.

    field.on('closed', onClosed);


  • fix: improvements for handling fetch depending on environment

    The global.fetch function is assumed to be available, and if not now an error will be returned. If it is not available then it can be added:

    1. For ES6-Modules and node-fetch you can use global.fetch = (args) => import('node-fetch').then(({default: fetch}) => fetch(args));
    2. For CommonJS and cross-fetch you can use global.fetch = require('cross-fetch');
  • fix: Handling of websocket close errors. If an error code is set when the websocket is closed, the SDK will now return an error containing the code and reason for being closed.

    // in case of an socket error the err will contain a `closeCode` and a `closeMsg`
    session.on('socket-error', (data) => {
        err = data;

⚠️ Breaking change

Operations on sub-resources ex: get_reloads_log were previously generated as class static methods and required you to have the resource Id as parameter - now fixed.

public async getReloadsLog(reloadId: string): Promise<ArrayBuffer> {...}
// previously requiring appId
public async getReloadsLog(appId: string, reloadId: string): Promise<ArrayBuffer> {...}

This change affects the following resources: Apps, Automations, Collections, Extensions, Spaces, Themes and Weebhooks.

Python SDK (v0.13.0)

New APIs and Maintenance Fixes

config = Config(
  host=self.base_url, auth_type=AuthType.APIKey, api_key=self.api_key
oauth_tokens = OauthTokens(config=config)
# fetch all tokens for user with <userId>
tokens = oauth_tokens.get_oauth_tokens(userId="<userId>")
# loop through tokens and revoke them
for token in tokens:
  # ask a question about the data
  answer = q.questions.ask(
      text="What is the total sum of Prime?",
  # create a script
  app.create_script(ScriptVersion(script="Load RecNo() as N autogenerate(200);", versionMessage="v1"))
  # list the script versions in the app
  scriptMetaList = app.get_script_versions()
  # get a specific version of a script
  scriptObject = app.get_script_by_version(scriptMetaList.scripts[0].scriptId)
  # get the current script version (latest version)
  currentScriptObject = app.get_script_by_version("current")
  • fix: Operations on sub-resources ex: get_reloads_log were previously generated as class static methods and required you to have the resource Id as parameter is now fixed.
  • fix: clear all listeners on session and handles closed events
  • fix: raise engine connection close error
  • fix: pagination users