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Nebula Updated

Nebula version 3.0

The 3.0 version of Nebula has been released. It contains bug fixes, dependency updates and a few new features. Below are select updates since version 2.0


  • Minor bugfixes and dependency updates.

  • Updated to internally use material UI v5 and React 18.

  • Engima Mocker:

    • New experimental API that allows examples and tests to run without a Qlik Sense Engine You can see source and documentation here
  • Improved support for qListObject in Nebula serve dev enviroment.

    • Supernovas/Extensions using qListObject data works better with automated property panel.
  • Updated visualisations. New charts have been added and feature updates made to others. For instance:

More Options

  • v2.5: DisableCellPadding: reduces padding around visualistions see here

  • Listbox: see here

    • v2.6: dense: reduces padding and text size
    • v2.7: frequencyMode: Shows frequency count of values
    • v2.9: checkboxes: Shows values as checkboxes.

Typescript Support

  • v2.4: Typescript support
    • Nebula now comes with defined types and the build command now supports visualisations that use typescript.

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