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qlik-cli 2.14.3 released


  • New: Commands have been updated to reflect the latest API changes.

New API: Users

Updated: Spaces

Updated: Collections

  • New: OAuth 2.0 machine-to-machine support. Users are now able to authorize with Qlik Cloud SaaS over client credentials flow.

  • New: Added command for tenant creation.

qlik tenant create Note: This only works with specific entitlements such as an active subscription with the multiple tenants entitlement.

  • New: Added commands for web-integrations management. Web-integrations enable users to manage whitelisted origins that can make requests to a specified tenant (CORS).
qlik web-integration create --name myAllowList --validOrigins ""
# returns a web-integration id
  "created": "...",
  "createdBy": "***********mSUL6MIzchD_",
  "id": "DSghcTBrzTkJBCN53IjQatRUWIJkvbno",
  "lastUpdated": "...",
  "name": "myQllowList",
  "tenantId": "**********PMZOEbLC9z52Op_G",
  "validOrigins": [ "" ]
  • New: Added commands for groups and roles management.
qlik role ls | jq '.[] | select(.name | contains("AnalyticsAdmin"))'
# returns object with role permission for AnalyticsAdmin
  "createdAt": "...",
  "description": "...",
  "id": "********36af85d",
  "lastUpdatedAt": "...",
  "level": "admin",
  "name": "AnalyticsAdmin",
  "permissions": [...]
qlik group ls
# fetch existing groups
    "createdAt": "...",
    "id": "*********df6c8fc0b36c",
    "lastUpdatedAt": "...",
    "name": "Administrators",
    "status": "active",
    "tenantId": "*****OVEWVPMZOEbLC9z52Op_G"

To update to new version, use the command qlik update

previous version updates:


  • Fix: Added qlik-cli to User-Agent header
  • Fix: Creating IdP fo type JWTAuth now works identity-provider create jwtauth

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