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Client family API updates

Single Integration 1.2.1

Updated descriptions for URL parameters

App Integration 1.1.1

Updated definitions for URL parameters and updated examples in the documentation.

Extension 1.1.1

Numerous documentation updates throughout the API.

Distribution family API updates

Conditions 7.8.1 released public stable

The conditions API handles the evaluation of conditions set on data in Qlik Sense applications. You can use this API to establish conditions and execute condition evaluation.

Web Notifications 1.2.0 released public stable

Web notifications are tied to alerting in Qlik Sense SaaS and enable developers to identify the count of read versus unread notifications, and read information stored in generated web notifications.

Governance family API updates

Data Connections 1.0.0 released public stable

The Data Connections API enables creating, reading, updating, and deleting data connections for spaces and Qlik Sense applications.

Reload 2.2.0 updated

The latest version of the Reload API supports partial reload with a new true/false property you can set.

New Evaluation API Property - fileSizeMiB

The evaluations API now includes a property in the result schema and the evaluation detail properties indicating the file size on disk of the evaluated Qlik Sense application.

Learn more about optimizing app performance and using the API in DevOps processes here.

Apps API Export App Response Update

The export app endpoint in the apps API now provides a location header containing the URL of the exported application in the temporary content service when the endpoint returns an http 201 response.

Sense Client Object Definitions Released

Developers have requested the schemas and property definitions for the different objects created in Qlik Sense applications be made public. You can now view this information here.

You'll find all of the properties in each type of object available in Qlik Sense, and you can download the specification for use in your own custom applications.

Webhooks API set to public/stable API status

The webhooks API is now a public and stable API in alignment with the public release of tenant level webhooks in SaaS platform.

New App Evaluation API

The evaluations API enables you to run performance and scalability tests for Qlik Sense applications running on Enterprise SaaS editions of the platform. This API is useful when you have large applications you want to optimize, or update an application frequently and want to ensure it remains performant.

Learn more about

optimizing app performance and using the API in DevOps processes here.

New commands

The license command in qlik-cli enables you to set license assignments for users in addition to providing metrics related to your tenant's overall license footprint.

The evaluation command enables you to trigger Qlik Sense app evaluations through cli, retrieve the results, and perform additional commands based on the feedback. A handy command for automating devops of Qlik Sense apps.

New features

Flags that are deprecated in qlik-cli now show a warning message when used.

qlik api-key ls --sub="test"
"Flag --sub has been deprecated, please don't use it!"

A security enhancement has been made to remove session Ids from log messages

You can now add names to external specifications you sideload into qlik-cli. Here's an example: qlik spec add ./my-spec.json --name foo

Breaking change

The response on the app command has changed. Now it returns only information from the Apps API.

#qlik app create command
app=$(qlik app create --attributes-name "example")
echo $app
#returns new response

  "attributes": {
    "_resourcetype": "app",
    "createdDate": "2021-02-15T07:01:43.930Z",
    "custom": {},
    "description": "",
    "dynamicColor": "",
    "encrypted": true,
    "hasSectionAccess": false,
    "id": "8be82d0f-02d2-4f0e-974c-08dc444384a7",
    "lastReloadTime": "",
    "modifiedDate": "2021-02-15T07:01:46.575Z",
    "name": "testttt2",
    "originAppId": "",
    "owner": "auth0|b96eb87010c7ad52667b2dc8b1ec0b12f97c43ae7848740874267b62aa45c856",
    "ownerId": "ffnbiWZyssMZ5ofRfLc1JzFdZrPvACFl",
    "publishTime": "",
    "published": false,
    "thumbnail": ""
  "create": [...],
  "privileges": [...]

Instead of returning information from the items API.

#Breaking change

app=$(qlik app create --attributes-name "example")
echo $app
#returns old response

  "actions": [...],
  "collectionIds": [],
  "createdAt": "2021-02-15T08:15:57Z",
  "creatorId": "ffnbiWZyssMZ5ofRfLc1JzFdZrPvACFl",
  "id": "602a2dbd31d6bf3d1f471c31",
  "isFavorited": false,
  "meta": {...},
  "name": "testttt3",
  "ownerId": "ffnbiWZyssMZ5ofRfLc1JzFdZrPvACFl",
  "resourceAttributes": {...},
  "resourceCreatedAt": "2021-02-15T08:15:57Z",
  "resourceCustomAttributes": null,
  "resourceId": "22205ac6-406c-4484-b715-1da12219b044",
  "resourceReloadEndTime": "",
  "resourceReloadStatus": "",
  "resourceSize": {... },
  "resourceSubType": "",
  "resourceType": "app",
  "resourceUpdatedAt": "2021-02-15T08:15:57Z",
  "tenantId": "xrpC13FnjenBc-mhBG98ah2qNlfmwj8X",
  "thumbnailId": "",
  "updatedAt": "2021-02-15T08:15:57Z",
  "updaterId": "ffnbiWZyssMZ5ofRfLc1JzFdZrPvACFl"

From now on, to obtain the unique id referencing the app in the items API, you need to issue a qlik item ls command after running qlik app create.

qlik item ls --resourceId $app --resourceType app
#returns item information formerly seen in the old response

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with qlik app ls returning non-app resources.
  • Fixed qlik qrs task start by-id which failed with no such operation message.
  • Resolved runtime errors using qlik-cli on Windows computers.

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Engine REST API (Apps) updated with new attributes

The Engine REST API, aka Apps API, adds attributes for app name and description for POST and PUT request operations related to publishing and republishing Qlik Sense applications.

The new checkOriginAppId attribute is a true/false property validating that the source Qlik Sense application has the same Id as the originally published app.

"attributes": {
  "name": "string",
  "description": "string"
"checkOriginAppId": true

For more information, see the API reference for republishing a Qlik Sense application here.

Users API add attributes for user roles

As part of the ongoing work related to updates to users, groups, and roles in the Users API added additional properties for setting roles on users and new roles that may be applied to user records. While this feature is not accessible in product user interfaces, it does exist in the API. In addition, the Users API is public/stable.

For more information, see the API reference here.

Collections API adds new response information with app size metrics

Endpoints for the Collections API now include two new properties in the response object. appFile displays the size of an app on disk and appMemory shows the size of an app when it is loaded in memory. Both values are displayed in bytes and appear under the resourceSize property.

"appFile": {
    "description": "Size of the app on disk in bytes",
    "type": "number"
"appMemory": {
    "description": "Size of the app in memory in bytes",
    "type": "number"

Learn more about the Collections API here.

Identity Providers V1 API released public/stable

The Identity Providers REST API is a Management API for creating and updating identity provider configurations in a tenant. For more information regarding the API, please review the API reference here.

Licenses API releases two public/stable, three public/experimental endpoints

The Licenses REST API is a Management API for assigning, changing, and removing license assignements from users in tenants.

This release includes two public/stable endpoints:

  • get license status
  • get license overview

and three public/experimental endpoints:

  • assign access to users
  • delete user license assignments
  • update user license assignments

Learn more about the API here.

Reloads API re-released public/stable

The Reloads API is now verified public/stable in Qlik's API governance system. The Reloads API was mistakenly set to public/stable in late 2020 after a breaking change was introduced in the code. Subsequently, the Reloads API was adjusted to public/experimental before the new year to indicate the correct status. The outstanding issues with the API have been addressed.

Temporary Contents API released public/stable

The Temporary Contents Service API is now public/stable in compliance with Qlik's API governance policy. The TCS is used by other services to provided temporary file storage for uploads to the system (for example through Qlik Data Transfer) and downloads from (for example image and sheet exports from Qlik Sense Client).

Learn more about the API here.

qlik-cli 1.7.1 released

qlik-cli 1.7.1 enables the qlik app reload command to perform partial reloads by adding the --partial flag to the end of the command. Update using homebrew on a Mac, Chocolatey on Windows, or download the linux distro from now with dark mode supports dark mode.

qlik-cli 1.6.0: better, stronger, faster. This release has a number of performance improvements. Update using homebrew on a Mac, Chocolatey on Windows, or download the linux distro from

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