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SaaS API Updates 21-Dec-2021

Data Connections API

Two new endpoints are added to the Data Connections API.

  • data-connections/actions/delete that deletes multiple connections and is only available to Admins.

  • data-connections/actions/update that updates multiple connections and is only available to Admins.

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Reloads API

The following endpoints are new to the Reloads API.

  • GET /reloads: Reloads allows for triggering reloads of apps to refresh its data. Traditionally this has only been possible through the JSON-RPC websocket API, but can now also be done by using this REST API.

  • GET /reloads/{reloadId}: Finds and returns a reload record.

  • POST /reloads: Reloads an app specified by an app ID.

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Reporting Service API

The new Reporting Service API provides the ability to generate reports in PNG, PDF, and xlsx formats programmatically. Reports content could be either a single visualization, an entire sheet, a story or a composition of sheets.

Comprises two endpoints:

  • POST/reports: Queues a new report request generation
  • GET/reports/{id}/status: Gets report request processing status

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