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qlik-cli 2.6.0 released


  • New: Added qlik edit command - you can now easily update resources without worrying about the complicated JSON Patch calculations. Based on the EDITOR environment variable, the edit command starts your preferred editor automatically and once your changes are saved, all PUT/PATCH operations are automatically done.

    If you want to see communication details for your edit call, you can use the --verbose flag. It displays all HTTP operations that are performed including payloads for requests.


    qlik webhook edit <webhookId>
    # this command launches your preferred editor containing the resource in json format
    # changing, for example, the description parameter is the equivalent of doing
    # a patch request with payload:
    # [
    #   {
    #       "op": "replace",
    #       "path": "/description",
    #       "value": "my new description"
    #   }
    # ]
  • New: Added qlik spec get provides more detailed information about added external specs, most notably the path to the added specification.

  • New: The auto-generated usage documentation now get automatically published to qlik-cli upon new releases.

  • Fix: Improved robustness in handling of array subtypes - missing types now return errors. Any included schema is thus required to have proper types defined. Previously, it defaulted to string if the type was missing.