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qlik-cli 2.5.x released

The latest version of qlik-cli allows better windows support, support for new APIs and notifications.

Here are the updates.


qlik-cli is now back to Chocolatey

To install using choco:

choco install qlik-cli

To upgrade qlik-cli using chocolatey: choco upgrade qlik-cli

If you see an error like below:

Error retrieving packages from source The combination of parameters provided to this OData endpoint is no longer supported. Please refer to the this URL for more information about this deprecation.

Then first run: choco source list

Then remove the one matching choco source rm

Another way to fix a failing upgrade is to uninstall and reinstall.

 choco uninstall qlik-cli
 choco install qlik-cli

in v2.5.0 / v2.5.1

New - Added support for outbound proxy: you can now set the operating system environment variables called HTTPS_PROXY/HTTP_PROXY with the hostname or IP address of the proxy server.

Note: HTTPS_PROXY takes precedence over HTTP_PROXY for https requests. Qlik CLI supports only Basic Authentication.

Fix - Improve —limit flag descriptions

Fix - Updated the included latest Qlik Sense SaaS API-specifications

in v2.4.0

Updated Commands

Commands have been updated to reflect the latest API changes.


Users to be notified when a new version of qlik-cli is available. The notification message contains URL with detailed changelog of the latest release.

Self Update CLI

The self update command enables users to update to the latest version of qlik-cli by simply running qlik update.

OpenAPI specs support

The latest qlik-cli update provides support for OpenAPI specs that define parameters at the path level. In this case, the parameters are inherited by all operations under that path.

Progress Bar

The animated progress bar displayed when uploading an app is now based on estimated upload time.

Support for unix-like Windows terminals

The latest version of qlik-cli provides better support for unix-like Windows terminals (such as MingGW, MSYS2, and Cygwin).


The latest version of qlik-cli also includes bug fixes and minor improvements.

in v2.3.0

Support for identity-providers endpoint

The identity-providers service is used for managing identity providers. In this version of qlik-cli the support for identity-providers endpoint is provied.

Support for questions endpoint

The questions endpoint lets user ask natural language questions against Qlik Sense apps enabled for conversational analytics. This version of qlik-cli provides support for this endpoint.

qlik question ask --app-id <appId> --text="new cases by department over time"

#returns a QueryResponse object containing conversational response
  "conversationalResponse": {
    "responses": [
        "imageUrl": "/api/v1/temp-contents/6139c949f0ccf200019a09e2?inline=1",
        "sentence": {
          "text": "new cases by department over time"
        "type": "chart"
        "narrative": {
          "text": "* New Cases is 180.\n* There were 18 of New Cases not associated to a Department. This may indicate a data quality issue."
        "sentence": {
          "text": "new cases by department over time"
        "type": "narrative"
    "sentenceWithMatches": "**new cases** by **department** over time"

Progress bar for Downloads

The latest version of qlik-cli also shows an animated progress during app download.

Spinner feedback

A new spinner feedback is added when users are waiting for server response using qlik-cli.