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SaaS API Updates 07-May-2021

Client family API updates

Single Integration 1.2.1

Updated descriptions for URL parameters

App Integration 1.1.1

Updated definitions for URL parameters and updated examples in the documentation.

Extension 1.1.1

Numerous documentation updates throughout the API.

Distribution family API updates

Conditions 7.8.1 released public stable

The conditions API handles the evaluation of conditions set on data in Qlik Sense applications. You can use this API to establish conditions and execute condition evaluation.

Web Notifications 1.2.0 released public stable

Web notifications are tied to alerting in Qlik Sense SaaS and enable developers to identify the count of read versus unread notifications, and read information stored in generated web notifications.

Governance family API updates

Data Connections 1.0.0 released public stable

The Data Connections API enables creating, reading, updating, and deleting data connections for spaces and Qlik Sense applications.

Reload 2.2.0 updated

The latest version of the Reload API supports partial reload with a new true/false property you can set.