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qlik-cli 2.2.0 released

The latest version of qlik-cli adds resumable uploads for large Qlik Sense applications and bug fixes to improve overall usability. Here are the updates.

New feature highlights

Import large Qlik Sense apps

You can now upload large apps to SaaS tenants using qlik-cli using the qlik app import command. Use the --resumable switch to instruct the cli to handle the upload as a large file.

When you upload an app using qlik-cli, a nice animated bar appears displaying the progress.

File piping

File piping allows you to combine commands where the output of one may be used as the input of the next command you issue.

Command aliases

Aliases enable you to create shorthand commands for hard to remember long commands. For example, say you run a command frequently to find the guid of an application in your tenant, $(qlik item ls --resourceType app --name. You can use the alias command to create a shortcut it into something like qlik getAppGuid consumer+sales. This returns the complete JSON object for the consumer+sales resource in the items collection.

Limit flag added for listing apps

The --limit switch enables you to return a number of app resource objects per page ranging from 1 to 100.

Identifying experimental flags and switches in commands

Command switches and flags that are experimental features are labeled as such for your information.

Fixes worth mentioning

Temporary Upload Service

Use of the temporary upload service in qlik-cli caused problems with large app uploads and resumability. This problem has been fixed and implemented through the resumable switch in the qlik app import command.

Updated response from reload get command

In prior CLI versions, qlik reload get was not sending a correct response. This issue has been resolved.

Bullet list of all features and fixes in qlik-cli 2.2.0

  • feature: add limit flag when listing apps

  • feature: Support resumable uploads

  • feature: add status for qseow

  • feature: Support big apps

  • feature: show if a flag or command is experimental

  • feature: Add progress-bar

  • feature: add support for command aliases

  • feature: Add Patch description

  • feature: support for files piping

  • fix: Solve temporary upload service store issues

  • fix: Add timeout to Establish TCP connection

  • fix: append exprimental to long description with leading newline

  • fix: Honor optional request bodies

  • fix: handle empty stdin

  • fix: omit cookie header

  • fix: updated response for reload get

Update qlik-cli today by using brew if you use a Mac, or download the redistributable from here.