Beta release

Welcome to Qlik's brand new developer portal for Qlik Sense SaaS. The portal is currently in beta and intended for internal use only.

What's the developer portal and why should you care?


Developers extending and embedding Qlik products is a vital part of Qlik's success. Qlik has since the launch of Qlik Sense been good at providing APIs, but not equally good at providing a good DX (Developer Experience). This change now, there is now a much higher focus on providing great APIs and a delightful DX.

Why a developer Portal? The developer portal is the one stop shop for developers that want to explore what Qlik's products can give them and also be the place they find the help needed to solve their problems.

2020 is the decade of APIs and developers and this becomes very clear when you explore the market and see what companies do around developer portals and developer offerings.


For this beta release and for the initial release the focus has been Qlik Sense SaaS which is why you won't find content related to for example Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes or Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows.

The focus is on providing up-to-date API references to all available APIs, and some basics around the platform to help developers be productive faster and stay productive.

API references are of course a vital part of all developer portals. It's important to understand that the portal is providing the information from the API specification, this means it's the team owning the API that's responsible for the content.


Your feedback is highly appreciated, if you are able to spend some time to fill in this form it would be extremely helpful.

If you have questions or want to get in contact with the development team join #dev-portal and share your feedback.

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