Build client extensions

With extensions it's possible to extend the Qlik Sense client to fit your needs.

Visualization extensions enable you to extend the visualization capabilities of Qlik Sense by using standard web technologies. The concept of visualization extensions in general can be seen as a plugin mechanism that allows developers to combine the power of the Qlik Sense APIs with the almost unlimited capabilities of the web.

Visualization extensions use the same set of technologies as standard Qlik Sense visualizations, and if developed properly, the handling of them is identical to standard visualizations. They can be:

  • Added to a sheet using drag and drop.
  • Configured to use the same property panel as standard Qlik Sense visualizations, meaning that you can create visualization extensions on top of the data of a Qlik Sense app.
  • Resized, copied, pasted and positioned just like any other Qlik Sense visualization.
  • Added to and used in data storytelling .
  • Responsive and therefore work properly on any device.

If you're interested in starting to build client extensions, head over to the nebula.js section which is filled with various content.

Qlik Branch

At Qlik Garden, the Qlik Developer Community, you can discover various client extensions built by the community. Use this to leverage existing solutions, get inspiration, or perhaps a head start in creating your very own extension.


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