Get started

Portal introduction

Understand what the developer portal is all about, what you can use the Qlik platform for, and more!

Build client extensions

What's client extensions and how you get started creating them.

Build web solutions

How to create all types of web solutions on top of the Qlik platform.

Embed analytics

Gain knowledge how to utilize the platform by embedding analytics in your solutions.


Authentication options

Two ways to authenticate Qlik APIs

Rate limiting

Understand how APIs are rate limited and what that means for you and your solutions.

API governance

As part of Qlik's API strategy, the API governance policy include guidelines around the stability of the APIs and how to handle deprecation of existing APIs.

Pagination, sorting, filtering

Understand how to navigate and query REST APIs.

Qlik Associative Engine

Introduction to Qlik Associative Engine

Types of APIs

Understand the various APIs offered in the platform.